Hi everyone,

we are excited to announce our first international event of the 2020/21 academic year! In cooperation with the LIBS Global Experiences Team, we are hosting the first CES International Quiz!


16 November @ 4 PM.


CES Lincoln’s MS Teams channel – click here.

How is it organised?

You can join as an individual or a group (you will be able to form groups once you enter the channel). Our teachers are hosting the event – and will be there to talk you through some of the most interesting questions.

Why should I join?

The quiz is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about languages and cultures that surround us! You will have a chance to chat to CES teachers and students (both home & international), listen to some music (i.e. subject yourself to listening to Ondrej’s playlists), and collect some international info for any upcoming pub quizzes! And there a prices to be won – our friends from LIBS Global Experiences Team have prepared three goody bags for the most knowledgeable global individuals. 😉

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