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we would like to hear about your experiences! How are you enjoying the sessions? Is there something you would like to add or change? Please let us know so that we can improve what we are doing.


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Thank you – we appreciate all your input!

The CES Team


2 Replies to “Tell us how you like CES!”

  1. I took Japanese for 2020-2021 academic year and everything about this course is amazing! Sandy Willmott is a great teacher, as a foreign student I didn’t have any difficulties during his classes. He is always understanding and encouraging, and even accessible out of class timetable. The feeling of being a part of a learning community is strong in his class, and having a passionate and experienced teacher like him is a great chance for me to advance my Japanese level in a cultural extent. He is not only teaching the language, he is guiding us through a completely different culture.

    1. Hi Dilara,

      Thank you for sharing your experience! We are very happy that you enjoyed Japanese and I’ll make sure to pass your feedback to Sandy. 🙂


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