We are looking for new leaders! All the language & culture enthusiasts who will be UoL students in the upcoming academic year, listen up!

What is CES?

👉 We are a student-run ‘society’ that runs cultural exchange events, organises language classes, and facilitates cultural exchange at the University.

👉 We are well-established (running since 2014) and influential – the University consults its culture-oriented events with us and approaches us to co-organise University-wide events.

👉 We are formally working under the Lincoln International Business School, but we are fairly independent. We are supported by Global Opportunities (the ‘study abroad’ department) and the Students’ Union.

Why run CES?

⭐ You will contribute to cultural and language exchange at the University

⭐ You will get to meet amazing people from different backgrounds, make new friends, and take part in some of the most interesting events!

⭐ You will meet new staff members and get a change to engage with different departments of the University (a chance to find a job!) and learn about the latest opportunities for students

⭐ You will get considerable experience that will look great on your CV and, if you work well, valuable recommendations

⭐ You will have the opportunity to plan and deliver activities you like – there is a budget for CES-organised activities!

What will my duties be?

▶️ Recruiting teachers, co-organising activities and promoting your work in order to attract students

▶️ Manage social media and this website

▶️ Liaising with LIBS to create timetables, book rooms, and secure materials for students and teachers

How do I apply?

👉 Email us at CES@lincoln.ac.uk and let us know why you want to run CES! A CV and relevant experience will be helpful, but not required.


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