Three people meeting

Catching up with two former CES Japanese sensei in Tokyo

Language(s) I teach


I have worked with CES since

2015…maybe. I started as a student – trying to remember the Japanese I had learned many years before – and then the teacher left, and I was promoted!

My favourite word in the language I teach

ぺらぺら (perapera), which is an onomatopoeic word indicating fluency in speaking a language. (I am far from fluent in Japanese, but enjoy using this word!)

About me

I am an Associate Professor in Sports Biomechanics as my day job, but am also a big fan of Japan, its people and culture. I worked as a researcher in Tokyo for two years and have been fortunate enough to have the chance to travel to all four of the main Japanese islands (many of the tourist destinations as well as some off the beaten trail). The CES community is a fantastic one, and I look forward to helping its members enjoy Japan’s language and culture.

I’m British and studied Zoology as an undergraduate, before researching insect flight aerodynamics – which is what took me to Japan – and then sports science.