Chinese has been taught since

Just began this semester! Welcome to join this brand-new session.

Our teachers

Li Xu; Shimin Yu; Shunyao Yang; Yahao Guo; Yifan Wen

Teaching in 2020/21

Friday 7:30-8:30 every week


Available at the Timetable page.


in construction

Chinese CES focus on

Communication. Be free to speak out your ideas! We are more like friends than teachers to share with you more Chinese culture. You can decide the topics that you are interested in, such as history, food, language, scenery, pop culture, dialects, etc. And we will tell you everything we know about it!

Please bear in mind, this is not a formal course that we teach you something. It is a relaxed forum where we discuss with each other. Take it easy and enjoy it!


Preview for Session on 11th Dec.:

Today’s session we will go through Chinese statutory holidays. Including both traditional holidays and commemoration days. Looking forward to see you.