Japanese has been taught since

About 2015

Our teachers

Sandy – Associate Professor, School of Sport & Exercise Science

Teaching in 2020/21

Lessons take place every Thursday online on Microsoft Teams:

  • Beginners 6-7.30pm
  • Intermediate 7.30-8.30pm

(The Intermediate class is roughly at the JLPT N5 level – equivalent to about one term’s study – but all are welcome to join!)

Email ces@lincoln.ac.uk or fill out this form to sign up and show interest in classes.


Available at the Timetable page.



Japanese CES focus on

Meeting with people with a shared interest in Japan, its language and culture. Classes are very informal and combine language instruction with reflections on Japanese culture. More emphasis is placed on speaking, listening and reading than writing, but the group contains people who are very enthusiastic about learning kanji characters too!

Group members have gone on to teach English, study and/or travel in Japan. A little bit of knowledge of the language and culture will make all of those much more enjoyable and memorable.