Polish has been taught since:

Since the program started basically!

The person behind the idea of CES was a Polish student at the University of Lincoln back in 2014.

Our teachers:

Monika- 3rd year Zoology student and CES Coordinator

Emilia- 2nd year Psychology student

Michał- 3rd year Computer Science student

Teaching in 2020/21:

Lessons take place every Tuesday online at 9-10pm on Microsoft Teams.

Email ces@linclon.ac.uk or fill up this form to sign up and show interest in classes.


Available at the Timetable page.

Polish CES focus on:

Basic language lessons- we, as native speakers, will show you the interesting vocabulary and phrases, explain basic grammar rules and help with reading as well as engaging in simple conversations in Polish.

During our sessions we will also share our stories about Polish customs and traditions connected to everyday life and holiday celebrations. We will show you amazing places to visit around our country, share some history and traditional food.

New information and knowledge you will get from the lessons is summed up in PowerPoint presentations and often fun, short quizzes on online platforms like Kahoot.