Hi – and welcome to the CES website!

We hope you will enjoy time with us! Time spent at uni offers many opportunities to meet cool people from all around the world, learn new things about different cultures – maybe even pick up basics of a foreign language – and gain new experiences. All this can be very handy, especially if you decide to be adventurous and travel abroad with your new friends – or maybe even study abroad!

Who are we?

We are an independent student-led project that brings together international, exchange, and home students who are interested in exploring new cultures and languages – or sharing theirs with others.  We are open to everyone, both students and members of the public. We focus on organising exchange sessions – these are weekly meetings where you can learn a language, find out more about countries and cultures, or both. What sessions look like depends on our teachers (volunteers) who have great freedom in organising their sessions with support from the team of CES Coordinators. We also organise events and activities where you can learn, have fun, and meet new people. These include (board)game nights and tournaments, food sharing, film nights, trips – and more! Check out our activity calendar for more info.

Who do we work with?

We are officially supported by Lincoln International Business School but we are also friends with other University departments, especially Global Opportunities who help our students find study and internship opportunities abroad and help all our exchange students. The Students’ Union helps all students and organises many interesting activities and events where you can meet interesting people and learn more about languages and cultures. You can also join student societies and sports!

Where can you find us?

Here, there, everywhere! You can come talk to us during sessions and events, find us or social media, or drop us an email – here are the contacts!