Why should I join CES as a volunteer (or teacher)?

Raise awareness of your language and culture

Running cultural exchange sessions gives you a unique opportunity to present your culture and language to those who are interested in exploring the world. This offers you a great opportunity to raise awareness and positively influence participants’ lives. Many of our participants go on to visit countries and study cultures they are interested in – some of them might decide to spend some time of their life studying or working in your country through an exchange programme!

Develop your teaching skills

Teaching is a valuable activity that allows volunteers to develop communication and interpersonal skills, identifying students’ needs and motivation, setting goals for development, monitoring progress – and more. In our context, you will contribute to developing internationalisation and raising cultural awareness. Many of these skills are highly transferable and can serve well in relationships as well as work.

CES are introducing their own Teachers’ Academy in 2022/23 – an informal programme led by more experienced teachers who will share their knowledge and experience regarding foundations of theory of efficient teaching, essential teaching skills, and highly practical ideas and tips that can be used in a classroom. A lot of attention will be dedicated to reflecting on teachers’ development and setting prospective goals.

Find new friends and create networks

The sessions are a great way to find like-minded people. You can help create networks of people that will stay active after your studies have ended and you will have great opportunities to meet and engage with University representatives interested in international engagement. This can yield a number of prospective opportunities for you!

Gain recognition

Cultural awareness is an important global skill that employers are interested in. Teaching/organising exchange sessions will help you demonstrate your engagement, people, and mentorship skills and develop a sense for student-centred course delivery; all these skills are highly valuable and look great on your CV. Leading sessions with us will count toward the completion of the Lincoln Award as well as LIBS’ Global Certificate! On top of that, all volunteers are eligible for a letter of recommendation from LIBS Global Experiences team as well as a personalised letter for CES Coordinators.

Enjoy special events dedicated to CES Volunteers

We love our volunteers, and we want them to enjoy volunteering for us. That is why we organise special events dedicated to them, such as teachers’ evenings, CES Teachers’ Academy, trips, visits to interesting venues, and the well-known and loved end-of-the-semester dinner. We will keep you updated – and we will make sure to find out what activities you are interested in!

What have others said about us?

You can read what the Student Life have said about CES.

How do I join?

That’s super simple, just fill out the Volunteer Expression of Interest Form and we will get back to you shortly!