Frequently Asked Questions

What is CES?

CES is a student-led initiative supported by Lincoln International Business School. We organise exchange sessions to facilitate cultural and language exchange, support internationalisation, global awareness, and enable like-minded people to socialise.

Who runs CES?

CES is typically run by students or staff members who are interested in cultural exchange and have previously participated in CES activities. Like all other CES members, coordinators are volunteers.

Is CES a society?

In some ways, we are similar to Students’ Union’s societies – we organise regular events that anyone can join, however CES membership is informal. We therefore do not elect CES representatives or charge any society fees.

Who can participate in CES activities?

Anyone can join us! Typically, we have had University students and staff members attending our sessions, however members of public have become interested in our sessions and have recently joined a number of them.

Do I have to pay to join CES?

All our activities are completely free! Where we are organising a trip or an event, you might need to cover your own travel/expenses/resources, but we will never charge you for anything!

Are your sessions language lessons?

The sessions may entirely focus on teaching languages, exploring cultures – or they can contain both of these elements. What the sessions look like will depend on teachers delivering them. CES teachers are normally very happy to cover what you are interested and provide an interesting and immersive experience.

Are your teachers professionals?

Our teachers are generally University students – though there have been academic members of staff leading sessions as well! Our teachers range in teaching experience and/or qualifications; the best way to find out is to ask them! 🙂

Are the sessions certified?

The sessions are informal and as such, they come with no official certification. Our teachers often issue Certificates of Attendance which (may) outline the topics covered and skills developed, however these are meant to celebrate your achievements and help you understand what skills you have developed. If you are interested in attaining language certification, talk to your teacher – they might be able to help!

The University offers credit-bearing language courses that some students can take as optional modules. Other participants can purchase these.

Where do your sessions take place?

Our sessions normally take place in David Chiddick Building (DCB) – but our activities and events can take place anywhere on (and off) campus! Make sure to check the activity calendar – all events should have important information attached.

I want to lead a session; can I start now?

We are very happy to support you in starting your own sessions at any point and helping you reach participants that might be interested in joining. The best time to start a session is the start of a semester as there are opportunities to promote your sessions and there are new students joining that might be interested in them – that is not to say you cannot start whenever you like! Get in touch with us and we will help you with planning and setting up your own sessions. 🙂