Why should I join CES as a participant (or student)?

We are a vibrant international community that can offer as much – or as little – as you like!

Discover new cultures and languages

Our sessions are a great way to broaden your horizons. Considering studying or working abroad – or maybe looking for a nice holiday destination? Why not pick one of our sessions to learn about traditional Czech Christmas, Oktoberfest, or how to serve coffee to your Italian friends? We all love sharing insights from our home countries, and we are eager to answer your questions – you will play an important role in what the sessions will be about.

Learn the basics of a foreign language

The majority of our sessions will allow you to develop new foreign language skills. You will learn how to introduce yourself, engage in some basic chit chat, travel, ask for directions, shop, and much more. Our teachers can provide unique insights into how native speakers view – and use – the language as well as help you master your pronunciation!

Get advice

Our members come from all around the world. They can give you first-hand advice about what to do, see, try – and what to avoid. This is especially useful for students spending a part of their studies abroad or gaining international work experience.

Find new friends and networking opportunities

The sessions are a great way to find like-minded people. You can learn from one another in the classroom and socialise during events that we organise as well as independently. You never know when you can meet a person who you will be spending the next holiday with. 🙂

Enhance your employability skills and make you CV stand out!

Cultural awareness is an important global skill that employers are interested in. Joining CV could help you demonstrate your interest in, and engagement with, international communities. Plus, attending our sessions counts towards the Lincoln Award as well as LIBS’ Global Certificate!

What have others said about us?

You can read what the Student Life have said about CES.

Sounds fun! How do I join?

That’s super simple, just fill out the Session Sign-up Form and we will get back to you shortly!